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T    R    A     N     S     M    U    T     E
(CA)    P   H   Y   S   I   C   A   L      V   E   R   S   I   O   N

This is a physical 48-page anthology of four creator owned stories by Alaire and Toben Racicot. These short stories are reader's introductions into the worlds of three projects set for long term publication.

F  A  Q 
-In regards to physical merchandise-

Q: What do I do with the download file I received?
A: 'Transmute Physical Copy Information' is a file you are required to fill out in order to receive your copy of Transmute. Send this document filled out with your name and mailing information to LETTERDRONE@GMAIL.COM to complete your order.

If we receive an order for Transmute but no information document, we
cannot send you a physical copy because we literally have no mailing
address to send it to.

 Is this different than the digital download?   
A: This is a physical copy that we will send to your mailing address. Once
the product is paid for, you will be able to download an information
document to fill and send to  LETTERDRONE@GMAIL.COM to
complete your order. Once your shipping information is received, we will
send you a receipt and ship your physical copy of Transmute right to
your residence!  

Where is my receipt? 
A: If you do not receive an email with your receipt within three business days, please send an email to LETTERDRONE@GMAIL.COM with the subject line as "receipt". We make trips to the post office twice per week.

Will my comic come with tracking? 
A: No, sorry!

 Is shipping included in the price of the comic?  
A: The cost of the physical copy includes the price of the comic, plus shipping to your specific region.

 How long will shipping take?  
A: Shipping may take 4-14 business days. 

QWill this version of Transmute ship to Canada or to International countries? 
A: This listing ships to Canada only. If you want a physical copy to ship to the United States, please visit the US ONLY listing here. We do not ship to international countries.

 Please understand that itch.io is made solely for digital merchandise. In order to bring you physical merchandise, we've had to use multiple listings and strategies to make it work in everyone's favor. Thank you for your patience! 

C   O   N   T   E   N   T   S

APOSTASY - 8 pgs
Step into the world of Apostasy, a mythological western that places the gods of ancient religions on the fertile grounds of America during the Second Great Awakening.

A fun sci-fi fantasy pirate tale that follows three bounty hunter friends as they track down the Pirate Lords. In the vein of Cowboy Bebop and Full Metal AlchemistAye Aye Captain provides down to Earth characters in an out-of-this-world setting.

The autobiographical story recounting Toben's time as a drummer in his high school punk band. He recollects the fun he had, lessons he learned, and the ultimate success of creating music with his friends.

THIRST - 8 pgs
A dystopian western set in the prairie province of Saskatchewan, Canada. Water has become the most coveted resource after a decade long rebellion and destructive astronomical events that no one predicted. The world is broken and those in power have established a dominion in Jarthel's home and native land.

Get to know both of us a little! And read about how awesome we think you are!

Leave us feedback in the survey within to receive a free production bible PDF, full of concept work for our projects! Applies to physical copies only.

C   O   N   T   A   C   T      U   S
If you need to communicate questions, concerns, or need to request additional information, please email letterdrone@gmail.com with your name and inquiry.

T   H   A   N   K     Y   O   U
Thank you readers who purchased our physical copies of Transmute. We hope you appreciate the stories within! Thank you all again for your support and interest!


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